flourish 23 to 27 February 2017 Munich Lindy Hoppers

Fantastic DJs

Non-stop music!

Between the band sets and on the extra dance floors our great DJs will asure that the great music and fun won’t stop.

DJane Heidi

Djane Heidi (GER)

Our head DJ Heidi is a regular at top international events. Being a passionate dancer herself, she knows exactly how to keep the dance floor packed.

Dj Stephan Wuthe

Dj Stephan Wuthe (GER)

Since 1989 DJ Wuthe has been a fixture with his shellac records at dance events. His extensive knowledge found its way into his book “Swingtime in Deutschland”.

Dj Heidi

Dj JayCee (FRA)

Jean-Christophe keeps the floor bouncing selecting music that goes in your ears and feet. He is also an author of Rhythm’n’Blues and Swing books, and a gentlemen dancer the ladies like to line up for.

DJ Shuffle Puck

DJ Shuffle Puck (USA)

Paolo aka Shuffle Puck has been collecting Swing, Rhythm & Blues, Hot Jazz, and Roots Rock'n'Roll for over 25 years. His style is rooted in the periods of the 1930s to 1950s and he has many jewels in his collection.

Dj Mani

Dj Mani (GER)

Mani always provides an excellent selection of hot tunes, whether Boogie, Rockabilly,
Rhythm’n’Blues, or Swing. He always draws people onto the dance floor.

DJane Zaie Metro

Djane Zazie Métro (GER)

Zazie Métro loves to play whatever the mood of the dancers is suggesting to her, from Hot
Jazz, Classic Swing, and Rhythm’n’Blues, to Doo-Wop, Gospel, Boogie, and Soul.

Dj Willy

Dj Willie (GER)

This old hand of the Munich Boogie scene is known both as a dancer and a DJ. His recipe
is music with drive, soul, groove, and beat.

DJane Lala

DJane Lala (GER)

Lala’s passion is social dancing. Therefore her intention is to make you dance! She favors
clear rhythms and playful melodies, just great music for dancing all night long.

Dj Siegi

Dj Siegi Spiel (GER)

Siegi is an integral part of the Munich Boogie and Lindy scene and a regular at the Rock
That Swing Festival. He has deejayed regularly since the 80s.

DJane Laura Spencer

DJane Laura Spencer (USA)

Laura's goal is to create that special buzz that emanates from a room of people that
are totally digging Swing music. From early Louis Armstrong to James Brown to everyone's favorite current Swing bands, she's got what it takes!