flourish 23 to 27 February 2017 Munich Lindy Hoppers

Class Schedule

What's so special at the  R T SF   Dance Camp?

Free choice of classes is a uniqueness of the Rock That Swing Festival. So each class has a special theme or topic. When you sign up for the Dance Camp you will be asked what classes you are planning to take, so we can assign the rooms adequately. This selection is without obligation. You still can choose the classes at the camp respecting the level of your dance skills.

To be able to enjoy the evening parties classes start at 11:00 am and end at 5:00 pm every day. Each day consisting of 4 classes of 60 min. For each dance and level you will have 3 classes to choose from. The fourth class offers various taster classes, additional dance styles and special themes all at various levels. For example there are tasters in: History, Strolls, Shim Sham, Aerials, Dips, and more.

We will announce the final studio schedule shortly before the festival!

Changing partners

Except in the aerials and competition classes the instructors are rotating partners in class to obtain the best learning experience for all participants. It resides with the instructors if they allow non-rotation couples in class.

Aerial classes

Some aerial classes are restricted to 20 couples only. To give everyone an equal chance you have to sign up in the morning at the check-in counter for each aerial class you want to take that day. The online pre-registration is no guarantee for a spot. Only the morning sign-up in the aerials registration list counts. First comes, first served.