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Frequently Asked Questions

Dance Camp

Check out the general FAQ page for more frequently answered questions around the Rock That Swing Festival.

Which dances will be offered at the RTSF Dance Camp?

There will be classes in Boogie Woogie, Lindy Hop, Balboa, Shag, Charleston, Rock-A-Billy Jive, Blues and Burlesque. Additionally there will be special lessons for further swing related or non-swing related dances and about specific topics (e.g. acrobatics, competition, line dances, tap etc.).

Which language is spoken in class?

Due to the international participation, the general teaching language is English. German speaking teachers will of course be able to teach also in German. Some teachers might speak other languages, too (e.g. Italian, French, Spanish, Swedish, Russian and Norwegian) and will of course translate if required.

Can I participate without any previous experience?

Sure. The Rock That Swing Festival is a great place to start Swing dancing. The Dance Camp offers specific beginner tracks in Boogie Woogie, Lindy Hop, Balboa, Shag, and Rockabilly Jive which consist of three build-up classes that will instruct you step by step. No experience is required for the beginner track, but if you are completely new to a dance you need to start with the first lesson of the beginner track. In a beginner track you’ll learn the necessary foundation (footwork and basic elements) for the particular dance. Those are essential to continue with a beginners-intermediate class the next day.

During the taster classes the Dance Camp offers there will be beginner classes for various other dances.

Can I participate without a partner?

Yes, you can. The only exceptions are the acrobatic and the competition classes and maybe certain special classes that are couple related. If the balance between leaders and followers looks too uneven we reserve the right to block certain classes for single followers.

Will partners be rotated in classes?

The instructors will ask you to rotate partners (exception: acrobatic classes and competition classes). Rotating partners has a lot of advantages: you gain more flexibility, you improve your lead and follow skills, you will be inspired by others, you learn and benefit from each other’s strengths, you meet new people and you can’t fight with your regular dance partner! All this means you have more dance partners to dance with in the evening dance. Add to this you get to dance with people from around the world and rotation is awesome! If you are only able to dance well with your own partner or a very good partner than there may be parts of your own dancing you need to look at. So take the opportunity for this unique practice and dance with dancers from around the globe.

What is the situation if I don’t want to rotate partners?

In general this is up to the teachers. We highly recommend changing partners in classes but we also understand if couples don’t want to change because of personal issues. If the instructors will allow couples not to rotate then they will split the participants in two groups, so that non-rotating couples won’t interrupt the rotation of the others. Again, at the end it is the decision of the teachers.

Is it possible that classes are overfilled?

Due to the large number of lessons we offer and the free choice of classes on site the classes have been overall well distributed in the past. It could of course happen that certain classes will be overfilled if too many participants decide spontaneously to go to the same class. That’s why it is important that you let us know what classes you plan to join so we can attach suitable room sizes to each class. A few days before the festival we will also let you know on the Dance Camp schedule how many people have signed up for each class.

How many class levels are offered?

The RTS Dance Camp offers 6 levels: Beginner, Beginner/Intermediate, Intermediate, Intermediate+, Advanced, and Competition. Please be aware that not every dance is offered in all levels. You can see a detailed list of the offered class levels on the schedule page .

A distinguishing feature of the Rock That Swing Festival is the free class selection on site. You can mix the various dances on a per class basis and create your own personal schedule. This concept has been wanted by the vast majority of former participants. To make it work it is essential that you choose the right level.

Students often think of class levels as a status symbol. It isn’t. If you come to a Dance Camp to improve your skills and to get inspired you will gain the most if you participate in a class level that matches your skill level. It will also make it possible for the teachers to give their best and to suit exactly your needs. So, please take the level descriptions into account before you make your choices of a class.

Do classes build up on each other?

Each class has a specific topic and is self-contained. So you can switch freely between different dances and classes that are at or below your level. Only the beginner classes build up on each other. That means if you don’t have any experience in this dance, it is not possible to start with the second or third lesson of that track .

Do I have to decide at registration what classes I will take?

You need to enter your class choices with the registration but you are not bound on your selection and can still change your mind on site. The information you enter during the registration is important for us to assign the proper class rooms to fit the class sizes. So please don't fill in a random choice, rather, what you are planning to choose.

Can I change my class selection at the festival?

Yes, you can. Classes can be chosen freely on site. We ask you for your class selection at the time of registration to give us a guideline how to assign classes to the differently sized studios. But please be smart and follow our level descriptions. It does not help you or your class mates if you are in a level that is over your head. Your dancing won’t improve and you won’t make any friends.

Can I book single days?

Yes, you can book single days at the Dance Camp. If you book more days you will receive price discounts.

Can I book single classes?

We are sorry, but you can’t! The smallest booking unit is a single day.

Can I add extra days during the camp and how much do they cost?

Yes, you can. If you decide at the last-minute to stay longer you can add more on site. You find the upgrade prices on the prices page. You can’t take advantage of any further discounts if you update later.

Where do I pick up my tickets and Dance Camp documents?

The Rock That Swing Check-In is the central contact point for all your Rock That Swing needs. At the Check-In you can pick up your Dance Camp documents and pre-ordered tickets. Late birds can still sign up for the Dance Camp and purchase remaining tickets for the evening events.

During daytime the Check-In is located at Kolpinghaus, Adolf-Kolping-Str. 1, 80336 München. At nighttime the Check-In is located next to the evening box offices. You can find the opening hours at the Check-In page.

There’s a restriction on the number of participants for acrobatic classes. How can I subscribe?

Each acrobatic class is limited to 20 couples if the teachers don't state otherwise. The sign-up for the class will happen in the morning of that class at the Check-In. First come, first served!

Who can register for the trainer classes?

Train the Trainer classes concentrate on the “HOW” and not on the “WHAT“. They are specifically designed to the needs of instructors. Basically everybody can participate who is interested in those kinds of classes. Due to the international participation (teachers and students) it is an advantage to have sufficient knowledge in English to be able to follow the theory and thematic discussions.

Is video taping allowed at the Dance Camp?

On behalf of the teachers it’s not allowed to film during the classes, but every participant can record the recap at the end of the class with their own camera if the teachers agree. Those recordings are for personal use only. So don’t publish those recordings on the internet (YouTube etc.). If you are unable to do this or want a video of other classes we will produce a DVD of the Dance Camp with a summary of almost all of the classes.

Is it possible to buy food and beverages at the studios?

We don’t offer food for participants at the studios, but some studios have their own bars where you can buy coffee and other beverages. The bar in our studio “Vintage Club” will be open during Camp hours. There are many shops and departments stores in the area where you can also purchase food and drink. More information will be provided in the participation letters that you will receive by email shortly before the festival or at the Check-In.

Can I bring my own food and beverages?

During Classes: Yes! But please make sure that you take your left overs and rubbish away before you leave the studio as the studios must be left in clean condition! Bear in mind that in Germany you pay 25 cent for most plastic bottles so keep them to claim your money back.

Night Venues: No! Your own drinks and food are not permitted for the night venues. You risk to be expelled if you vioolate that rule.

Is video taping allowed at the Dance Camp and the evening events?

You can film without tripods during the evening events. If some bands don’t like to be recorded they will let you know. We don’t mind if you post your evening recordings on the internet as long as you list Rock That Swing as the event and place a link to the Rock That Swing website.

On behalf of the teachers it’s not allowed to film during the classes, but every participant can record the recap at the end of the class with their own camera if the teachers agree. Those recordings are for personal use only. So don’t publish those recordings on the internet (YouTube etc.).

Will there be an official RTSF 2016 DVD?

Unfortunately not! Due to raising production costs and the huge problems during the production of the past Dance Camp DVDs causing frequenty delays we decided not to produce another Dance Camp DVD.