flourish 23 to 27 February 2017 Munich Lindy Hoppers

Rock That Swing Ball

Saturday, February 6

Various DJs - Show of the Champions - Lindy Hop Cup - Shag Battle

The 1st big ball at the Deutsches Theater

The Rock That Swing Ball is the first of two Rock That Swing Festival nights at the Deutsches Theater. Five teriffic live bands and several DJs will create an unforgettable evening. Watch the contestants at the Lindy Hop Cup and Shag Battle striving to impress the audience and get impressed by the Show of the Champions. Two beautiful ballrooms and two additional dance floors will let you explore the eras of the Swingin’ Forties and the Rockin’ Fifties. Hot sizzling nights let you spectate at stylish people with cool attitude dressed up in vintage clothing, petticoats or suits. Be part of it yourself and feel like Fred Astaire, Elvis or Marilyn Monroe. Just slick your hair, form a quiff, dress your hair in a pony tail or pin it up.

If you are new to Swing dancing you can join one of the free introduction Swing Dance Classes before the live music starts. You can choose between an introduction in Boogie Woogie and Lindy Hop. In these classes you will learn the basics and a few steps to make sure that you can join all the crazy Hep Cats on the dance floor. If you are interested in Swing history you can join the Swingtalk by Stephan Wuthe, author of the popular book “Swingtime in Deutschland” (in which he wrote about the Swing music and Swing artists in Germany) who will be assisted by our the dance legend Jean Veloz.

Main Ballroom Silbersaal Foyer Tanzsaal
18:00 Doors Open
18:30 Introduction Dance Class
Lindy Hop
Introduction Dance Class Boogie Woogie   Swingtalk with Stephan Wuthe
19:30 Opening    
19:30 Jackson Sloan & The Rhythmtones Jennie Löbel & Swing Kings DJ JayCee DJane Lala
20:30 Presentation Special Guests, 25 Years Marcus & Bärbl
DJ Siegi DJ JayCee DJane Lala
21:00 Hot Sugar Band Jackson Sloan & The Rhythmtones DJ Mani DJane Zazie Métro
22:00 Show der Champions DJ Siegi DJ Mani DJane Zazie Métro
22:45 Jumpin' Up Hot Sugar Band DJ JayCee DJane Lala
23:45 Lindy Hop Cup DJ Siegi DJ JayCee DJane Lala
00:00 Jennie Löbel & Swing Kings FunTasten DJ Swingin' Willy DJane Laura
01:00 Shag Battle DJ Stephan Wuthe DJ Swingin' Willy DJane Laura
01:15 Jumpin' Up DJ Stephan Wuthe DJ Swingin' Willy DJane Zazie Métro
02:30 End of Event


Rock That Swing Ball

Saturday, February 6


Hot Sugar Band, Jackson Sloan & The Rhythmtones, Jumpin’Up, Jennie Löbel & Swing Kings, FunTasten, various DJs, Jean Veloz, Ryan Francois, Show of the Champions, Lindy Hop Cup, Shag Battle


Deutsches Theater

Schwanthalerstr. 13
80336 Munich



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