flourish 23 to 27 February 2017 Munich Lindy Hoppers

Five spectacular Evenings

Music, dance, shows, contests

Five terrific evenings with live music and three hot After Hours Parties create a thrilling and unforgettable atmosphere. Experience the exuberant feeling of the Swingin’ Forties and the Rockin’ Fifties. Hot sizzling nights let you spectate at stylish people with cool attitude dressed up in vintage clothing, petticoats or suits. Be part of it yourself and feel like Fred Astaire, Elvis or Marilyn Monroe. Just slick your hair, form a quiff, dress your hair in a pony tail or pin it up.

Make sure not to miss the two grandiose nights at the beautiful ballroom of the Deutsches Theater with the 10 international top bands, contests and top shows of the champions. You can also get close to the swing dance legend Jean Veloz and meet the dancing master and choreographer Ryan Francois.

WE DON'T HAVE A WAITING LIST FOR EVENINGS THAT ARE SOLD OUT! In previous years some tickets were sold right before the festival from other participants due to illness etc. If you are looking for tickets or would like to sell some, just post in our RTSF Facebook group or drop by the Check-In during the festival quite early.

Questions? Send us an email but please read the Frequently Asked Questions before.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the seating at the evening events works?

All events at the Vintage Club (After Hours Parties, Jitterbug Hop, Hep Cats DJ Hop) and the "In The Mood" party (Thursday) at Kolpinghaus Ballsaal have free seating, but seating is limited and can’t be guaranteed.

The Hep Cats Night (Friday) in the Kolpinghaus Ballsaal has numbered seats on the ground floor and some on the balcony. There is a limited amount of free seating in the balcony on a first come first served basis as well.

The Rock That Swing Ball and the Jamboree Ball at the Deutsches Theater have numbered seating only. You can choose between different price categories depending on the view and floor.

We are a group of people. Can I make a table reservation for a group?

Yes, you can reserve seats for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. Have a look at the seating maps and let us know what seats and how many you would like to have. Send an email to reservations@rockthatswing.com with your request. Give us one or two alternatives in case the desired table is booked already. You will receive a reservation code from us by email that is normally valid for 10 days. Everybody who should get one of the reserved seats has to use the reservation code at the time of their individual booking.

Hint: If you have more than 10 people in your group for a specific evening a group order offers you additional discounts.

Is there a dress code?

As the Rock That Swing Ball (Saturday) and the Jamboree Ball (Sunday) take place at the Deutsches Theater – an elegant theatre ballroom – you should be dressed accordingly. Otherwise you might not be allowed to get in. The same is valid for the Kolpinghaus (Thursday and Friday), a beautiful small vintage ballroom.

In general we want to encourage you to accomplish the atmosphere of the dance nights with a stylish outfit; best would be 40s or 50s style of course. Training pants and T-shirts are out - they are meant for training and not suitable for a delightful evening.

In case you sweat a lot, your dance partners will appreciate it highly if you have extra shirts with you to change from a wet to a dry shirt.

Is smoking allowed at the venues?

The non-smoking-law in Bavaria forbids smoking in restaurants, cafés, pubs and venues. Therefore all venues at the RTSF will be smoke free.

Can I have dinner at the evening venues?

You can dine at the events on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. Own drinks are NOT allowed to be brought in to any of the venues!

At the After Hours Parties, Hep Cats DJ Hop (Friday) and Monday party no food will be served at the Vintage Club. We will provide snacks (pretzel sticks, nuts, chips etc.) for free. You can purchase drinks and beverages at the bar.

Can I bring my own drinks or food to the evening venues?

Definitely not. All venues have their own catering. If you violate that policy you risk being expelled from the venue.

Can I hand out flyers at the venues?

In general you need permission for handing out flyers inside the venues or putting them on the tables. Those permissions can be purchased from us. You can only put your flyers on the designated flyer tables at the Check-In and at some evening events. You also have the opportunity to advertise in the RTSF playbill, which is a full color booklet of about 60 to 80 pages that will be handed out to all participants for free. If you want to place an ad please contact us at ads@rockthatswing.com.

Is video taping allowed?

You can film without tripods during the evening events. If some bands don’t like to be recorded they will let you know. We don’t mind if you post your evening recordings on the internet (YouTube etc.) as long as you list Rock That Swing as the event and place a link to the Rock That Swing website.

Who can take part in the contests?

All regular contests of the Rock That Swing Festival are open and are free to enter. Anybody who likes to compete and has a ticket for the respective evening can take part in those contests. The registration will take place through our online registration system, at the Check-In during the day and at the venue of the specific night. Details can be found at the open RTSF contests page.