flourish 23 to 27 February 2017 Munich Lindy Hoppers

Festival Prices & Discounts

The Rock That Swing Festival consist of various evening events and dance workshops over a span of five days. You can book each evening and camp day individually. If you place your order via the Rock That Swing online order system you will be elegible for package, group, and student discounts.

Dance Camp

  1  Day 2  Days 3  Days 4  Days 1  Day
4.2. only
(Teacher Track)
5  Days
incl. 4.2.
(Teacher Track)
Early Bird 1
until Dec 20, 2015
70 Euro 130 Euro 190 Euro 240 Euro 70 Euro 290 Euro
Early Bird 2
until Jan 3, 2016
75 Euro 140 Euro 200 Euro 250 Euro 75 Euro 300 Euro
until Jan 17, 2016
80 Euro 150 Euro 210 Euro 260 Euro 80 Euro 310 Euro
Late Bird
after Jan 17, 2016
85 Euro 160 Euro 220 Euro 270 Euro 85 Euro 320

Group orders of at least 10 people, scholars and students receive 10% discount.

Evening Events

Event /Location Price*
In  The Mood – Kolpinghaus Ballroom (Thursday) 24.– Euro
Hep Cats Night – Kolpinghaus Ballroom (Friday) 29.– / 39.– Euro
Hep Cats DJ Hop - Vintage Club (Friday) 7.– Euro
After Hours – Vintage Club (Friday Night) 15.– Euro
Rock That Swing Ball – Deutsches Theater (Saturday) 29.– to 52.– Euro
After Hours – Vintage Club (Saturday Night) 19.– Euro
Jamboree Ball – Deutsches Theater (Sunday) 29.– to 52.– Euro
After Hours – Vintage Club (Sunday Night) 15.– Euro
Jitterbug Hop – Vintage Club (Monday) 29.– Euro

*plus advance booking fee (10% RTSF, 13% München Ticket/Deutsches Theater/Zentraler Kartenverkauf)

Individual or group orders of at least 10 tickets of the same evening receive 10% discount.


Package Discount

Participants ordering at least 3 tickets (except After Hours) and at least 3 days of the Dance Camp in one single order will receive a free festival T-shirt (value 20.– Euro) and will have the advance booking fees waved on their tickets (10% value).

Group Discount

With regular or group orders for 10 or more tickets for the same evening or 10 or more Dance Camp passes, you will receive a 10% discount on these purchases.

Student Discount

Pupils and students receive a 10% discount on the dance camp. (This can be combined with package and group discount!)

Discount Examples

At the Rock That Swing Festival you can individually select your Dance Camp days and evenings. For swift guidance see the following examples showing the total costs using various discounts.




3 Days Dance Camp,
3 Nights
cheapest seats),

Economy  Plus

3 Days Dance Camp,
3 Nights
best seats),


4 Days Dance Camp,
5 Nights
cheapest seats),

Full  Plus

4 Days Dance Camp,
5 Nights
best seats),

Package Discount
at Early Bird 1
277 Euro 333 Euro 380 Euro 436 Euro
with Group Discount 249 Euro 300 Euro 342 Euro 392 Euro
with Student
+ Group Discount
232 Euro 283 Euro 320 Euro 371 Euro

For an easier overview cents are rounded. The examples don't include the After Hour Parties.

Upgrade Dance Camp

If you want to upgrade your Dance Camp booking and add extra days at the festival you can do so at the Check-In. The prices are based on the late bird prices and they depend on how many days you have previously booked. Upgrades can't take advantage of package or group discounts. Students still receive 10% disocunt on the prices below.

1 more day 2 more days 3 more days 4 more days
75 Euro 135 Euro 185 Euro 235 Euro