flourish 23 to 27 February 2017 Munich Lindy Hoppers

Swing Talk

Interesting & Educating!

At the Rock That Swing Ball at the Deutsches Theater you can visit an interesting presentation by Stephan Wuthe. Stephan has extensive knowledge about Swing music and Swing artists. He is also the author of the popular book "Swingtime in Deutschland" in which he wrote about the Swing music and Swing artists in Germany.

"The Waltz In Swingtime – different rhythms and Swing"

Swing shows different types and styles of dancing that nowadays we call „Lindy Hop“, „Shag“, „West Coast Swing“, „Balboa“ and so on... These different types of Swing Dancing were influenced locally and by the generations of dancers: Charleston elements can be adapted to Swing dancing, some animal dance steps from the 1910s re-appear in Swing.

But how about other rhythms and dances of Ballroom and Latin roots? It always can be interesting to be aware of other dances, to take parts of different styles, to switch in a versatile way with each rhythm change in the Dance Music.

Swing-Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Rumba – all these rhythms also appear with Jazz names like Louis Armstrong, Benny Carter, Artie Shaw, Mildred Bailey and dancers like Eleanor Powell, Fred Astaire and also Jean Veloz.

Veloz and Yolanda happened to be the best Ballroom and Tango show dance couple in the 1930s, they doubled dancing scenes in Hollywood movies like „Bolero“ with George Raft and Carole Lombard. In the 1940s, Jean Veloz happened to be the new partner of Frank Veloz, their Tango wrote history, the Waltz they danced is most elegant – but Jean Veloz has her roots in Swing dancing.

In this phonograph-talk we want to find out about the influences and interactions of the different dancing styles and music witnessed by fabulous Jean Veloz.

Saturday, February 6th 2016 (Rock That Swing Ball): 18:3019:15 at Tanzsaal