flourish 23 to 27 February 2017 Munich Lindy Hoppers

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about the Rock That Swing Festival.

Around the RTSF

RTSF is held on the “Fasching” weekend? What does that mean?

“Fasching” means carnival and has a long tradition in Germany. In Germany’s Mid West (Cologne, Mainz, etc.) it is celebrated with great enthusiasm. The “Fasching” lasts several weeks with its climax on the carnival weekend, which is seven weeks before the Easter weekend. The RTSF is taking place exactly at that weekend.
You can compare “Fasching” to Halloween in the USA, but it is funny instead of being scary. That means you will probably see a bunch of strange looking people in the city centre, wearing all kinds of masquerade and behaving a bit weird. If you would like to join them and get in the spirit of Fasching you can do that on Thursday. That day is also known as “Unsinniger Donnerstag” or “Altweiberfasching” (guys - be careful, because on that particular day the ladies are allowed to cut your ties—honestly!). If you stay until Tuesday (“Faschingsdienstag“) you can attend the colorful carnival in the city which comprises of a lot of dancing and parties all over Munich. If you like carnival processions, than Monday (“Rosenmontag”) is your day!
The venues at the RTSF have nothing to do with the carnival itself or that kind of masquerade. Most people at the RTSF will dress up in vintage style of the 30s to the 50s.

What are the special features of the RTSF?

The Rock That Swing Festival has some unique features.

  • In contrast to many dance events the Rock That Swing Festival provides a combined stage for the classic Swing dances, like Boogie Woogie, Lindy Hop, Balboa, and Shag. This gives you an uncomparable exchange and inspirational platform.
  • A major advantage of the Rock That Swing Festival therefore is the great variety of classes during the day. With additional classes in Venacular Jazz, Acrobatics, Big Apple, Burlesque, etc. you can choose from more than 200 classes. These are in a variety of levels, including special classes for beginners, competitors and teachers.
  • A distinguishing feature of the Rock That Swing Festival is the free class selection on site. You can mix the various dances on a per class basis and create your own personal schedule.
  • You can book each day and each evening separately according to your time and budget.
  • Most evening venues will have at least two top international bands, covering 30s/40s and 50s style music.
  • The major evenings are held in beautiful ballrooms in the Munich city center.
  • All classes are held in nice dance studios that will provide a great learning atmosphere.
  • It is happening in the city center of gorgeous Munich, which is not only famous for the beer! :-)
Where do participants come from?

For the past years we had participants from more than 35 nations: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Brasil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, and the USA.

Where do I get help on the way to the RTSF?

On the RTSF website you can find general travel directions if you come by plane, train, car, or public transportation. If you have special questions you can contact us at info@rockthatswing.com.

Where do I get help at the RTSF?

The Check-In is the central point of contact for all participants. All necessary information will be displayed there. If you have some pending questions we are happy to clarify them face-to-face. In cases of emergency during the classes you also can contact the teachers or the owner of the studio.

What’s the weather like at that time of the year?

It’s officially wintertime in Germany and temperatures can range from +15°C to -10°C. (check www.wetter.com). So it can be sunny and warm or cold with snowstorms. Be well prepared and have some warm clothing and shoes in your luggage.

Can I hand out flyers at the venues?

In general you need permission for handing out flyers inside the venues or putting them on the tables. Those permissions can be purchased from us. The Check-In and some venues have a designated flyer table. You can put your flyers there. You also have the opportunity to advertise in the RTSF playbill, which is a full color booklet of about 80 pages that will be handed out to all participants for free. If you want to place an ad please contact us at ads@rockthatswing.com.

Will there be a Vintage Market again?

Yes! You can purchase goods at the Vintage Market during the day (Friday to Sunday) and also during Thursday and Friday night at the Kolpinghaus. If you are a vendor and you want to sell at the Rock That Swing Vintage Market, please contact us at vintagemarket@rockthatswing.com.

Can I help or work at RTSF?

We are always looking for helpers during the festival, but are also in need for help and support before the festival. In general we reimburse helpers at the festival with free entrances to the nights or free participation at the Dance Camp. If you are interested in helping contact us at helpers@rockthatswing.com.

Dance Camp

Which dances will be offered at the RTSF Dance Camp?

There will be classes in Boogie Woogie, Lindy Hop, Balboa, Shag, Charleston, Rock-A-Billy Jive, Blues and Burlesque. Additionally there will be special lessons for further swing related or non-swing related dances and about specific topics (e.g. acrobatics, competition, line dances, tap etc.).

Which language is spoken in class?

Due to the international participation, the general teaching language is English. German speaking teachers will of course be able to teach also in German. Some teachers might speak other languages, too (e.g. Italian, French, Spanish, Swedish, Russian and Norwegian) and will of course translate if required.

Can I participate without any previous experience?

Sure. The Rock That Swing Festival is a great place to start Swing dancing. The Dance Camp offers specific beginner tracks in Boogie Woogie, Lindy Hop, Balboa, Shag, and Rockabilly Jive which consist of three build-up classes that will instruct you step by step. No experience is required for the beginner track, but if you are completely new to a dance you need to start with the first lesson of the beginner track. In a beginner track you’ll learn the necessary foundation (footwork and basic elements) for the particular dance. Those are essential to continue with a beginners-intermediate class the next day.

During the taster classes the Dance Camp offers there will be beginner classes for various other dances.

Can I participate without a partner?

Yes, you can. The only exceptions are the acrobatic and the competition classes and maybe certain special classes that are couple related. If the balance between leaders and followers looks too uneven we reserve the right to block certain classes for single followers.

Will partners be rotated in classes?

The instructors will ask you to rotate partners (exception: acrobatic classes and competition classes). Rotating partners has a lot of advantages: you gain more flexibility, you improve your lead and follow skills, you will be inspired by others, you learn and benefit from each other’s strengths, you meet new people and you can’t fight with your regular dance partner! All this means you have more dance partners to dance with in the evening dance. Add to this you get to dance with people from around the world and rotation is awesome! If you are only able to dance well with your own partner or a very good partner than there may be parts of your own dancing you need to look at. So take the opportunity for this unique practice and dance with dancers from around the globe.

What is the situation if I don’t want to rotate partners?

In general this is up to the teachers. We highly recommend changing partners in classes but we also understand if couples don’t want to change because of personal issues. If the instructors will allow couples not to rotate then they will split the participants in two groups, so that non-rotating couples won’t interrupt the rotation of the others. Again, at the end it is the decision of the teachers.

Is it possible that classes are overfilled?

Due to the large number of lessons we offer and the free choice of classes on site the classes have been overall well distributed in the past. It could of course happen that certain classes will be overfilled if too many participants decide spontaneously to go to the same class. That’s why it is important that you let us know what classes you plan to join so we can attach suitable room sizes to each class. A few days before the festival we will also let you know on the Dance Camp schedule how many people have signed up for each class.

How many class levels are offered?

The RTS Dance Camp offers 6 levels: Beginner, Beginner/Intermediate, Intermediate, Intermediate+, Advanced, and Competition. Please be aware that not every dance is offered in all levels. You can see a detailed list of the offered class levels on the schedule page .

A distinguishing feature of the Rock That Swing Festival is the free class selection on site. You can mix the various dances on a per class basis and create your own personal schedule. This concept has been wanted by the vast majority of former participants. To make it work it is essential that you choose the right level.

Students often think of class levels as a status symbol. It isn’t. If you come to a Dance Camp to improve your skills and to get inspired you will gain the most if you participate in a class level that matches your skill level. It will also make it possible for the teachers to give their best and to suit exactly your needs. So, please take the level descriptions into account before you make your choices of a class.

Do classes build up on each other?

Each class has a specific topic and is self-contained. So you can switch freely between different dances and classes that are at or below your level. Only the beginner classes build up on each other. That means if you don’t have any experience in this dance, it is not possible to start with the second or third lesson of that track .

Do I have to decide at registration what classes I will take?

You need to enter your class choices with the registration but you are not bound on your selection and can still change your mind on site. The information you enter during the registration is important for us to assign the proper class rooms to fit the class sizes. So please don't fill in a random choice, rather, what you are planning to choose.

Can I change my class selection at the festival?

Yes, you can. Classes can be chosen freely on site. We ask you for your class selection at the time of registration to give us a guideline how to assign classes to the differently sized studios. But please be smart and follow our level descriptions. It does not help you or your class mates if you are in a level that is over your head. Your dancing won’t improve and you won’t make any friends.

Can I book single days?

Yes, you can book single days at the Dance Camp. If you book more days you will receive price discounts.

Can I book single classes?

We are sorry, but you can’t! The smallest booking unit is a single day.

Can I add extra days during the camp and how much do they cost?

Yes, you can. If you decide at the last-minute to stay longer you can add more on site. You find the upgrade prices on the prices page. You can’t take advantage of any further discounts if you update later.

Where do I pick up my tickets and Dance Camp documents?

The Rock That Swing Check-In is the central contact point for all your Rock That Swing needs. At the Check-In you can pick up your Dance Camp documents and pre-ordered tickets. Late birds can still sign up for the Dance Camp and purchase remaining tickets for the evening events.

During daytime the Check-In is located at Kolpinghaus, Adolf-Kolping-Str. 1, 80336 München. At nighttime the Check-In is located next to the evening box offices. You can find the opening hours at the Check-In page.

There’s a restriction on the number of participants for acrobatic classes. How can I subscribe?

Each acrobatic class is limited to 20 couples if the teachers don't state otherwise. The sign-up for the class will happen in the morning of that class at the Check-In. First come, first served!

Who can register for the trainer classes?

Train the Trainer classes concentrate on the “HOW” and not on the “WHAT“. They are specifically designed to the needs of instructors. Basically everybody can participate who is interested in those kinds of classes. Due to the international participation (teachers and students) it is an advantage to have sufficient knowledge in English to be able to follow the theory and thematic discussions.

Is video taping allowed at the Dance Camp?

On behalf of the teachers it’s not allowed to film during the classes, but every participant can record the recap at the end of the class with their own camera if the teachers agree. Those recordings are for personal use only. So don’t publish those recordings on the internet (YouTube etc.). If you are unable to do this or want a video of other classes we will produce a DVD of the Dance Camp with a summary of almost all of the classes.

Is it possible to buy food and beverages at the studios?

We don’t offer food for participants at the studios, but some studios have their own bars where you can buy coffee and other beverages. The bar in our studio “Vintage Club” will be open during Camp hours. There are many shops and departments stores in the area where you can also purchase food and drink. More information will be provided in the participation letters that you will receive by email shortly before the festival or at the Check-In.

Can I bring my own food and beverages?

During Classes: Yes! But please make sure that you take your left overs and rubbish away before you leave the studio as the studios must be left in clean condition! Bear in mind that in Germany you pay 25 cent for most plastic bottles so keep them to claim your money back.

Night Venues: No! Your own drinks and food are not permitted for the night venues. You risk to be expelled if you vioolate that rule.

Evenings Events

How does the seating at the evening events works?

All events at the Vintage Club (After Hours Parties, Jitterbug Hop, Hep Cats DJ Hop) and the "In The Mood" party (Thursday) at Kolpinghaus Ballsaal have free seating, but seating is limited and can’t be guaranteed.

The Hep Cats Night (Friday) in the Kolpinghaus Ballsaal has numbered seats on the ground floor and some on the balcony. There is a limited amount of free seating in the balcony on a first come first served basis as well.

The Rock That Swing Ball and the Jamboree Ball at the Deutsches Theater have numbered seating only. You can choose between different price categories depending on the view and floor.

We are a group of people. Can I make a table reservation for a group?

Yes, you can reserve seats for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. Have a look at the seating maps and let us know what seats and how many you would like to have. Send an email to reservations@rockthatswing.com with your request. Give us one or two alternatives in case the desired table is booked already. You will receive a reservation code from us by email that is normally valid for 10 days. Everybody who should get one of the reserved seats has to use the reservation code at the time of their individual booking.

Hint: If you have more than 10 people in your group for a specific evening a group order offers you additional discounts.

Is there a dress code?

As the Rock That Swing Ball (Saturday) and the Jamboree Ball (Sunday) take place at the Deutsches Theater – an elegant theatre ballroom – you should be dressed accordingly. Otherwise you might not be allowed to get in. The same is valid for the Kolpinghaus (Thursday and Friday), a beautiful small vintage ballroom.

In general we want to encourage you to accomplish the atmosphere of the dance nights with a stylish outfit; best would be 40s or 50s style of course. Training pants and T-shirts are out - they are meant for training and not suitable for a delightful evening.

In case you sweat a lot, your dance partners will appreciate it highly if you have extra shirts with you to change from a wet to a dry shirt.

Is smoking allowed at the venues?

The non-smoking-law in Bavaria forbids smoking in restaurants, cafés, pubs and venues. Therefore all venues at the RTSF will be smoke free.

Can I have dinner at the evening venues?

You can dine at the events on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. Own drinks are NOT allowed to be brought in to any of the venues!

At the After Hours Parties, Hep Cats DJ Hop (Friday) and Monday party no food will be served at the Vintage Club. We will provide snacks (pretzel sticks, nuts, chips etc.) for free. You can purchase drinks and beverages at the bar.

Can I bring my own drinks or food to the evening venues?

Definitely not. All venues have their own catering. If you violate that policy you risk being expelled from the venue.

Can I hand out flyers at the venues?

In general you need permission for handing out flyers inside the venues or putting them on the tables. Those permissions can be purchased from us. You can only put your flyers on the designated flyer tables at the Check-In and at some evening events. You also have the opportunity to advertise in the RTSF playbill, which is a full color booklet of about 60 to 80 pages that will be handed out to all participants for free. If you want to place an ad please contact us at ads@rockthatswing.com.

Is video taping allowed?

You can film without tripods during the evening events. If some bands don’t like to be recorded they will let you know. We don’t mind if you post your evening recordings on the internet (YouTube etc.) as long as you list Rock That Swing as the event and place a link to the Rock That Swing website.

Who can take part in the contests?

All regular contests of the Rock That Swing Festival are open and are free to enter. Anybody who likes to compete and has a ticket for the respective evening can take part in those contests. The registration will take place through our online registration system, at the Check-In during the day and at the venue of the specific night. Details can be found at the open RTSF contests page.

Order Process

How can I order tickets and sign-up for the Dance Camp?

You can book all tickets and the Dance Camp directly at the Rock That Swing Festival Website through our ordering system. All offered discounts are only available for bookings placed through the Rock That Swing Website.

If there are any tickets left, they will be sold during the festival at the Check-In or at the evening event box office.

Tickets for Saturday and Sunday evening are also available at the known public booking offices like München Ticket, Zentraler Kartenvorverkauf, and directly at the Deutsches Theater. Those public booking offices are an additional option intended for locals who normally just come to one of the big events. Group, package, and student discounts are only available via the RTSF order system and only there you can order all nights, Dance Camp, CDs, and T-shirts.

Can I cancel my order?

If ou place an order the order is binding and oblidge payment. The German Distance Selling Act allows a two week revocation period, but according to § 312b Paragraph 3 Nr. 6 BGB it is not applicable for ticket sales or camp bookings. So by law all online ticket bookings are final.

However we allow you to cancel your whole booking, but depending on the date of cancellation different cancellation fees will apply:

Cancellation Cancellation Fee
until Dec 31, 2015 20% of the price
until Jan 3, 2016 40% of the price
until Jan 17, 2016 70% of the price
from Jan 18, 2016 100% of the price

Additionally you can transfer your whole booking to another person. For this service a transfer fee of 10 Euros is charged.

What different kinds of payment are possible?

You can pay per bank transfer (which normally is free of charge in the EU) or per credit card. Unfortunately we can’t accept PayPal payments anymore.

Do you have special package prices and are there discounts for groups, students etc.?

Participants ordering at least 3 tickets (except After Hours) and at least 3 days of the Dance Camp will receive a free festival T-shirt (value 20.– Euro) and will not need to pay any booking fees (10%) on their tickets.

With regular or group orders for 10 or more tickets for the same evening or 10 or more Dance Camp passes (doesn't have to be the same days or number of days) you will receive a 10% discount on these purchases.

Pupils and students receive a 10% discount on the dance camp (you have to show your student card at the Check-In). Student discount can be combined with package and group discount!

We offer various early bird prices for the Dance Camp.

You can find detailed price information on the Prices page.

Are there special discounts for certain countries?

We are not able to offer general discounts for specific countries. Discounts for extenuating circumstances can be only granted on a case-by-case basis. However we offer good discounts for early bird bookings and also for students, packages, and group bookings. We are also in need for helpers before or during the festival which will receive free evening tickets or Dance Camp days in exchange for their work.

How do group orders work?

To take advantage of group discounts you can create a group at the online order system and invite other people. The invited people have 10 days from the start date of the group to place their orders by using the group ID and the group password. You also have the option to enter a specific start date if you need extra time to collect your people. After the 10 days the group will be closed automatically, the discounts if applicable given, and an updated order confirmation and payment request sent to the group members. Each group member will get their own invoice and is responsible for his/her own payment.

IMPORTANT: Group discounts are a reward for those who manage to organize a (local) group. We hope you understand that we can't afford to offer group discounts if you publish group passwords on public social media sites (Facebook, Twitter etc) or in mass newsletters. If we are aware of such misuse group discounts will not be granted for the members of that group.

Is a group order also suitable for participants with very different bookings?

Yes! Discounts are granted when the group total reaches 10 or more tickets for the same evening event or 10 or more Dance Camp passes on those purchases. For an evening event it doesn't matter what category the bookings are. For the Dance Camp the bookings don't need to be for the same days or number. It just needs to be 10 bookings of the Dance Camp.

Is it possible to combine the group discount with the early bird prices?

Yes, it is. The basic price is determined through the date of the booking. The group discount will be calculated and deducted from that price.

Can an individual order that is part of a group loose its early bird discount status?

Relevant for the early bird price is the date of your booking. After the group closure you receive your final invoice and then you have 10 days to fulfill your payment. You can only loose your early bird discount if you don't pay in time.

Can I register last-minute for the Dance Camp at the Check-In or buy tickets at the box offices?

Yes, you still can register last-minute at the Check-In. In the past various events have been sold out in advance. If there are still left over tickets, they will be sold at the Check-In and the box offices of each dance night. Advance sales fees will not apply at the Check-In/box office. You can look up the availability of tickets at the order page.

Is it possible to get ordered tickets sent per mail?

We don't send tickets per mail. All ordered items need to be picked up at the Check-In.

Where can I pick up pre-ordered tickets?

All tickets you have ordered through the Rock That Swing website directly can be picked up at the Check-In. Tickets that have been purchased through München Ticket or through Deutsches Theater can be picked up at their specified places. 

Public Transportation and Parking

How do I get to the festival if I arrive by train or plain?

The central train station (Hauptbahnhof) is close to the Check-In (approx. 5 minutes walking) and all venues. The main airport (Franz-Josef-Strauß) is located in the very northeast of Munich, but suburban trains (S1 and S8) leave about every 20 minutes and take you directly to the city centre (40–45 minutes, no change of trains). Detailed travel description can be found on the Directions page.

How do I get to the venues?

All venues are close to the central station (Hauptbahnhof) and the Stachus (Karlsplatz) and distances can be walked (3-10 minutes). Detailed travel description can be found on the Directions page.

Do I need an emission sticker to enter the city by car?

To enter the city by car you need a green emissions sticker for your car. The environmental zone ranges over the whole city area within the Mittlerer Ring.

You will find more information about the emissions stickers here. You can order the badge online or buy it in Germany at all TÜV and DEKRA offices, and some car dealers, vehicle registration offices, and car repair shops. You need the registration paper of your car (a copy is OK) not the car itself. It takes about 5 minutes.

What are my parking opportunities in Munich?

Participants who arrive with their own vehicle can drive directly into the city. (Make sure you have an emission sticker for your car.)

Parking at the roadside is only free on Sundays and after 11 pm until the morning. Normally parking at the roadside or in parking structures is quite expensive. We arranged special rates with two parking structures near the RTSF venues. You find detailed informaiton at the Directions page.

Hotels may have special parking rates for their guests.

In case you don't need your car during the festival there is also an option to park you car outside of the center at a P+R Park & Ride parking. www.parkundride.de


How can I find accommodation?

All venues of the Rock That Swing Festival are located within close walking distance (3-10 minutes) of the center of Munich. They are all very close to the Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) and the Stachus (Karlsplatz). There’s a large number of hotels and hostels close by.

All teachers and bands will stay at our partner hotels Hotel Wallis and the connected Hotel Präsident. The hotels are located conveniently just across the street of the Deutsches Theater and the Vintage Club. Unfortunately the hotels are sold out already. For alternatives and general information go to our Hotels page.

Is there any hosting?

The possibility for hosting is very limited as space is at a premium in Munich therefore we are unfortunately unable to help with that. If you are in need of hosting, we recommend posting in the Munich facebook group Swing, Lindy Hop, Balboa, Boogie in Munich.


Is video taping allowed at the Dance Camp and the evening events?

You can film without tripods during the evening events. If some bands don’t like to be recorded they will let you know. We don’t mind if you post your evening recordings on the internet as long as you list Rock That Swing as the event and place a link to the Rock That Swing website.

On behalf of the teachers it’s not allowed to film during the classes, but every participant can record the recap at the end of the class with their own camera if the teachers agree. Those recordings are for personal use only. So don’t publish those recordings on the internet (YouTube etc.).

Will there be an official RTSF 2016 DVD?

Unfortunately not! Due to raising production costs and the huge problems during the production of the past Dance Camp DVDs causing frequenty delays we decided not to produce another Dance Camp DVD.

Additional Questions

I have an additional question that is not answered here. Where can I get help?

Contact us at info@rockthatswing.com, please.