The 11th Rock That Swing Festival will happen from February 4th - 8th, 2016!

Experience the Epic Tenth Anniversary

Of the extraordinary Boogie and Swing Festival with live music, dance, and shows from the Roarin’ Twenties to the Rockin’ Fifties!

World of Swing proudly presents the 10th edition of the international Rock That Swing Festival in Munich. The festival celebrates the diversity of the dances and music from the Swing and Rock’n’Roll era from the 20s to the 50s. Over a span of five days, fantastic dance nights, hot live music, shows, competitions, numerous workshops, and passionate dancers from all over the world create an inspiring and unforgettable atmosphere. More than 50 of the world’s best dancers teach workshops during the day and perform amazing shows at night.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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RTSF is held on the “Fasching” weekend? What does that mean?

“Fasching” means carnival and has a long tradition in Germany. In Germany’s Mid West (Cologne, Mainz, etc.) it is celebrated with great enthusiasm. The “Fasching” lasts several weeks with its climax on the carnival weekend, which is seven weeks before the Easter weekend. The RTSF is taking place exactly at that weekend.
You can compare “Fasching” to Halloween in the USA, but it is funny instead of being scary. That means you will probably see a bunch of strange looking people in the city centre, wearing all kinds of masquerade and behaving a bit weird. If you would like to join them and get in the spirit of Fasching you can do that on Thursday. That day is also known as “Unsinniger Donnerstag” or “Altweiberfasching” (guys - be careful, because on that particular day the ladies are allowed to cut your ties—honestly!). If you stay until Tuesday (“Faschingsdienstag“) you can attend the colorful carnival in the city which comprises of a lot of dancing and parties all over Munich. If you like carnival processions, than Monday (“Rosenmontag”) is your day!
The venues at the RTSF have nothing to do with the carnival itself or that kind of masquerade. Most people at the RTSF will dress up in vintage style of the 30s to the 50s. We might have some theme parties on certain nights and will invite you to join in by wearing an outfit fitting the theme of the night.

What are the special features of the RTSF?

The Rock That Swing Festival has some unique features.

  • In contrast to many dance events the Rock That Swing Festival provides a combined stage for the classic Swing dances, like Boogie Woogie, Lindy Hop, Balboa, and Shag. This gives you an uncomparable exchange and inspirational platform.
  • A major advantage of the Rock That Swing Festival therefore is the great variety of classes during the day. With additional classes in Venacular Jazz, Acrobatics, Big Apple, Burlesque, etc. you can choose from more than 200 classes. These are in a variety of levels, including special classes for beginners, competitors and teachers.
  • A distinguishing feature of the Rock That Swing Festival is the free class selection on site. You can mix the various dances on a per class basis and create your own personal schedule.
  • You can book each day and each evening separately according to your time and budget
  • Most evening venues will have at least two top international bands, covering 30s/40s and 50s style music.
  • The major evenings are held in beautiful ballrooms.
  • All classes are held in nice dance studios that will provide a great learning atmosphere.
  • It is happening in the city center of gorgeous Munich, which is not only beautiful but famous for the beer!! :-)
Where do participants come from?

For the past years we had participants from more than 30 nations: Argentina, Belarus, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, and the USA.

Where do I get help on the way to the RTSF?

On the RTSF website you can find general travel directions if you come by plane, train, car, or public transportation. If you have special questions you can contact us at

Where do I get help at the RTSF?

The Check-In is the central point of contact for all participants. All necessary information will be displayed there. If you have some pending questions we are happy to clarify them face-to-face. In cases of emergency during the classes you also can contact the teacher or the owner of the studio.

What’s the weather like at that time of the year?

It’s officially wintertime in Germany and temperatures can range from +15°C to -10°C. (check So it can be sunny and warm or cold with snowstorms. Be well prepared and have some warm clothing and shoes in your luggage.

Can I hand out flyers at the venues?

In general you need permission for handing out flyers inside the venues or putting them on the tables. Those permissions can be purchased from us. The Check-In and some venues have a designated flyer table. You can put your flyers there. You also have the opportunity to advertise in the RTSF playbill, which is a full color booklet of about 80 pages that will be handed out to all participants for free. If you want to place an ad please contact us at

Will there be a Vintage Market again?

Yes! You can purchase goods at the Vintage Market during the day (Friday to Sunday) and also during Thursday and Friday night at the Kolpinghaus. If you are a vendor and you want to sell at the Rock That Swing Vintage Market, please contact us at

Can I help or work at RTSF?

We are always looking for helpers during the festival, but are also in need for help and support before the festival. In general we reimburse helpers at the festival with free entrances to the nights or free participation at the Dance Camp. If you are interested in helping contact us at