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Your cheer determines the winner!

We stage our competitions at Rock That Swing in the true spirit of the Savoy Ballroom of the 1930s, where the dancers enjoyed showing off their hottest new dance steps in weekly contests. The competitors will strive to impress you.

The dancers with the loudest cheers will win the battle for the greatest honours and best prizes.

Anybody who has an evening ticket can take part in the open RTSF contests. The registration fee is 10 Euro per person and per contest for solo and couple contests. For the team battle the fee is 30 Euro per team.

To register use our online order system. If a contest is not full you can register at the daytime Check-In or at the contest desk at the night venues. For couple contests each participant needs to register individually. For the team battle there is only one registration for the whole team.

Regular Competition Format

Prelims will run in all skate format. Finals will run in jam format. Depending on the number of participants one or two spotlights will be danced (solo or battle). Finals normally start with an all-skate round to warm-up and finish off with an all-skate round. Anything goes. Impress the audience and judges. Prelims are judged by a judging panel. Final rounds are judged by the audience applause.

Special Competition Formats


In this tournament, the roles of Lead and Follow merge. Couples dance during a song in a fluent interchange of lead and follow. Everyone leads, everyone follows. In the preliminary round two songs will be played, a swing song and a 50s song. The couples can choose which round they would like to dance in. The best couples dance directly to the finale.

Fast Feet Jack’n’Jill

The Fast Feet Jack’n’Jill contest is a very special competition. In each round the contestants will dance with various randomly assigned partners as in regular Jack’n’Jill style. Additionally the music will speed up. The best leaders and followers will reach the finals. The finals will be danced according to the principle of the “Weakest Link.” Each round the judges will take out the weakest couple and new partners will be assigned, until three couples are left. The audience will choose the winners with their applause. The Boogie Woogie contest will be danced to 50s and the Lindy Hop contest to 40s music.

All You Can Swing Team Battle (canceled due to insufficient number of registrations!)

All You Can Swing Team Battle: This tournament is a new contest at Rock That Swing. The contest consists of 6 rounds. The rounds are Boogie Woogie, Lindy Hop, Balboa, Shag, Blues, and Charleston. Each team must consist of 5 couples and one solo dancer that represent the team. Each member of the team can only dance in one round. In each round the dancers of each team are dancing at the same time. Each round will be ranked by the judges. The team with the best overall score wins the battle. Teams can be composed freely, with no restrictions based on country or age. For the Team Battle, we kindly request early registration.

Lindy Hop Cup / Boogie Woogie Cup

Depending on the number of participants an all-skate elimation round might be danced. The judges will then pick the best couples for the final round The final round will be dance in jam style.

Swing Goes Pop Jack’n’Jill

This is a regular Jack’n’Jill contest, but the music selection is modern music that you can swing to.



Switch-a-Roo Contest (In The Mood)


Lindy Hop & Boogie Woogie Fast Feet Jack’n’Jill (Hep Cats Night)


Lindy Hop Cup (Jamboree Ball)
Boogie Woogie Cup (Jamboree Ball)


Swing & Rock Goes Pop Jack’n’Jill Contest (Jitterbug Hop)


The winning contestants await free entrance for major dance venues around the world and other material prizes. We thank all event organizers and companies for their donations.